Another Sunday, Another CO (plus an FO in waiting)

Zuzu Blocking
First, I’ll tease you with an FO. Contrary to what the pic looks like, I did not knit a pink volcano. You’re looking at the blocking pic. Once it’s dry and I have time to do my hair (uhm, next weekend?) I’ll show you an FO pic.
Now, for the new stuff.
Last month, I blogged about a new cowl top that I was working on. After knitting through on full ball I admitted to myself that there were too many unknowns for me to see it through – will the cowl drape? will it make me look frumpy?
So I decided to rip it out. I love the Hempathy yarn, I just needed to find a project that I could make with relative ease. I haven’t finished a sweater in almost two years. I need to get past this hurdle.
Along came the latest episode of the Yarniacs, and Gayle was talking about her Buttercup. I sat with this thought for almost two weeks. And even with all the waiting I still wanted to knit Buttercup. It’s a great design, Heidi used Hempathy in her original. Top down is my favorite way to knit tops, and the bit of lace will make it just interesting enough to wear with a floral skirt, denim skirt and even a regular pair of jeans. Yay for wardrobe options!
So, cowl is no more. Stay tuned for Buttercup updates.
BTW, if you’re as much of a fan of top down as I am, you have to check out the Contiguous method (free tutorial!) of knitting a sweater from the top down with set in sleeves. As the name implies, you knit everything all at once, so it’s different from the Barbara Walker top down set in sleeve method. Ravelry has 29 designs using the contiguous method and I expect more to pop up all the time.

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