FO: Zuzu’s Petals

I love this cowl! And it’s FO #3 for sock yarn in 2012. Only one more to go for my Maryland Sheep and Wool goal.
Zuzu and me
Pattern: Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer
Yarn: Sliver Moon Farms Fingering Superwash in Orchid, held double (bought at Rhinebeck 2006. stash yarn – YEAH!)
Needles: 1 24″ Knit Picks Options US #6
Mods: None! I love it that much!
Zuzu's Petals
This is such a clever pattern. I get all the things I like about wearing a small shawl as a scarf without the fuss of making sure it’s laying properly. I used the decrease bind off – I wrote a quick tutorial here back in 2007 – and it’s laying nicely. Very thankful that Nicole from Stash and Burn mentioned it on a recent episode – I had never noticed the pattern before.
I wore this while shopping at the mall yesterday and it was so easy. The opening is wide enough to easily slip over my head without messing my hair.
I plan to make more of these with a few variations:

  • different stitch patterns
  • garter instead of stockinette
  • shorter plain section and more lace
  • maybe even with beads at the bind off

On my needles, on my mind
I’m still going strong with my Buttercup. Nothing interesting to report – I’m in that oblivion stage of top down knitting.
GGH Bali from my stash
And I’m also planning my next top – also probably a top down – in GGH Bali in either brown or light blue. Also both stash yarns. I’m not quite sure what’s gotten into me with the stash yarns but I plan to ride this wave as long as it’ll take me.

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  1. Glad I could help! I agree that it is a great inspiration for modification. I think it is an excellent gift item, too!

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