Tis the season (for new patterns)

Just because I have a lot of WIPs right now doesn’t stop me from looking at other designs. The combo of the season, the cooler weather and the release of many new designs drove me a little gaga this week.

I did get some knitting in, but it’s just more on a few of the projects you’ve already seen. So while I knit away on WIPs, here’s some new (to me) designs in the past week.

Up first, let’s take a look at a few scarves and shawls.

Shawls and scarves

From left to right:

And then a few mitts and cowls

Cowls and mitts

I have some vacation coming up and I need to clear a few projects out so I can make room for new.

This is the un-fun part of casting on like crazy.

4 thoughts on “Tis the season (for new patterns)

  1. Westknits came out with a new pattern book and the shawls have been tempting, but I will put them on my 2013 ‘To Knit’ list. Resistance level is low at this time of the year. Temptation level is high!

  2. I’m in love with Autumn Blush. And those Shallows mitts – not seen them before but my goodness they are pretty! Too many projects, too few hours to completely dedicate to working on them :))) Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sam x

  3. How fun to make the Shallows mitts with the matching cowl?
    You always have the best taste in projects. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo

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