Shadow: 3-Color Style

Remember last week when I said that Lazy Girl may not be fulfilling my garter stitch needs?  Yeah- I fixed that.

I CO for Shadow by Veera Valimaki out of the yarns from the Miss Babs Color Affection kit that I got at Rhinebeck 2012.

Shadow is made from 2 colors of yarn, but of course I can’t leave well enough alone.  I’m doing mine in three colors.

shadow stack

I knew after knitting a small portion of Color Affection that knitting it wasn’t for me (at least, not for now).  I love the stripes – really love the stripes – but I wasn’t enjoying the knitting.  I might go back to it some day.  But for now, I’m enjoying all this simple garter stitch, and even enjoyed planning out the addition of the third color.

shadow color block plans

And – no surprise – I love love love the colors.

shadow start

More Shawl Patterns

shawls 2-17-13

I was seeing patterns this week through shawl-colored glasses.  Here are a few of my faves – including a free pattern offer.

  • Crystal Chandelier – LOVE the twisted stitches. It’s knit bottom up so you can choose how large to make it.
  • Wholehearted – free pattern until 2/20/13
  • No Boundaries – sideways garter stitch so you can use up all your yarn.

Happy knitting.  I’ll catch you all on the purl side.

3 thoughts on “Shadow: 3-Color Style

  1. Love love love..all those colors as well! They will make a beautiful scarf/shawl. I really need to stop staring at them..YUM!
    I like the pattern selections. I knit Wholehearted and it was a wonderful pattern. The others are new to me, so I will have to check them out.

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