And now for something NOT pink

I’ve had two Black Bunny Sock Flats in my stash for over 3 years.

Black Bunny Sock Flat

The colors are great but I’ve dreaded prepping the yarn.  I finally sucked it up and balled up the yarn this morning.

palm beach cakes 2

It’s been fun to have a plain vanilla sock on the needles – the ultimate grab-and-go project.  The telephone cord kinks contribute their own “charm” but it’s not that bad.

palm beach socks start

Now here’s my prediction (and I hope I’m wrong).  I’ll knit through sock #1 in no time (no time for me is 2 weeks) and then once the novelty of the yarn changes is gone, so will be my motivation.

An FO of sorts

I finished 2 squares for Bertie’s Blankets.  It was nice to knit up something small on worsted weight yarn.  Quick progress and for a great cause.

light blue square dark blue square

This week’s new designs

designs 2-24-13

  • Harlequin Opal Shawl – great texture, works well with variegated yarns and can be knit to any size.
  • Innisfil Cardi – LOVE that cable. I had to stop myself from buying yarn for it this week. The reality of my track record with garments set in.
  • Dragon Tails Shawl Another make-any-size shawl great with variegated yarn. Lots of options – garter or stockinette, plain or eyelet edging. And bonus – it’s a free pattern.

I’m off to cook some Sunday-food and then back to my latest obsession (those socks).  I’ll catch you on the purl side.


3 thoughts on “And now for something NOT pink

  1. I so hope you don’t loose your love for those socks because they are amazing. How wicked fun! It is even okay that they are not pink.
    Love your Bertie’s squares. Sam will love them!
    That Dragon Tails shawl screams Jody

  2. I LOVE when you knit with BBF because you are such a great knitter. Sock flats are SO fun to work with because of the way the colors blend so I hope you finish both and can wear them!!

  3. Super thankful for the gorgeous berties squares. Xxx
    The socks are looking fabulous. I havent knit with this type of yarn and I am intrigued at how the colors play out… very pretty so far.

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