Cast On Mania Day 2: Tara Socks

Tara start

For today’s project, I went decidedly different and chose the Tara socks by Janneke Maat.  The twisted stitches and cables were a perfect fit for the BitsyKnits Sock82me yarn that I got at Rhinebeck 2012.

The yarn is great for cables – 8 plies make it a beautiful, round yarn and give it wonderful stitch definition.  Look at how those twisted stitches pop!

I do have one issue though – the yarn seems over-plied.  Look at those twists in the pic.  Every few rounds I have to hold the ball up and let the sock dangle so it untwists.  I’m not sure if all Sock82me yarn is that way or just this particular hank that I got.

The other challenge with this project is the color.  I often bring a sock with me to the bar and I can’t do that with this yarn – it’s just too dark.  So I fear it may take me longer to knit than typical.  My goal is to have these socks – and all Rhinebeck 2012 yarn – done before this year’s Rhinebeck.  It’s so great to walk around the fairgrounds knowing that I used everything I bought last year.  And yes, it does free me up to buy more.  The circle of (knitting) life.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

5 thoughts on “Cast On Mania Day 2: Tara Socks

  1. Love me these socks. Beautiful. Kind of stinks about the yarn being too twisty. Maybe it’s just a one off.

  2. To combat the twisting on the next sock, try pushing the tail of yarn through the center of the ball and pull it out from the other side of the ball. This is a tip I learned at a knitting camp a few years ago and it really does work!

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