FO: Coupling socks

A pair of socks in under a month!  That’s a rarity for me.

FO: coupling socks

I figured out a few keys to making it work.

  • If there’s a part that will be hard to do on the train (e.g. turning the heel) make sure I get it done at home so I don’t delay.
  • No surprise here – cast on for sock 2 AS SOON AS I’M DONE WITH SOCK #1.  I didn’t lose any time between the first and second sock.
  • Also no surprise – I need to have another commute-friendly project at the ready for times when I just need a break

I love the colors – especially that yellow.  I wish I was able to get more white in the sock but I knit them as long as I will wear – any longer and they’d be annoying.  I do want to think of something small to pair with the leftovers.  Maybe garter strip stripes in a shawl/scarf?

A couple of other things I learned

  • I only had 2 bouts with pills – at the start of hank #1 and at the end of hank #2.  I’m still planning to be gentle with these socks since they don’t have any nylon in them.
  • ChiaoGoo needles are my new favorites for socks.  Super-smooth joins and sharp tips.  I used the 24″ Red Lace needles.  I bought 2 and have a third coming this week.  I had originally been turned off by ChiaoGoo because they had a bend in the needle – not good for socks – but the Red Lace don’t have bends.

The details

I love these socks, but you know what the best part is?  This is the last of my yarn from Rhinebeck 2011!  I have no leftover yarn, and just in time since Rhinebeck is less than 3 weeks away.  I already have some ideas for things I’m going to shop for this year, but that’s for another post.

Setup Rounds

Coupling Widening - Setup

9-stitch repeat (after setup rounds)

Coupling Chart - 72 sts

8 thoughts on “FO: Coupling socks

  1. These are stunning!! The colors are so vivid, love them.

    I find that I have to turn the heels at home too, or at least somewhere I can concentrate!

  2. Beautiful socks and I love the color combination. I just finished a sock I’ve been working on since July. Now on to the mate :)

  3. Gorgeous! congrats on finishing them so fast. I totally agree on commuter knitting. I just *had* to start a baby hat recently because all my other projects were not portable.

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