FO: Collinear shawl

Collinear - Mosaic

I can’t believe I’m writing that I finished Collinear – I knitted it in less than three weeks.  That’s gotta be a record for me.

It was a perfect storm of great pattern, gorgeous yarns and fabulous colors.

collinear - tied in front

Pattern: Collinear by Paulina Popiolek

Yarns: Neighborhood Fiber Company Rustic Fingering in Charles Village and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Citrus

Needles: 32″ 4.0 mm (US#6) Chiaogoo Lace Circulars

Mods: None!

KAL: My Sister’s Knitter Sock Yarn KAL

My project on Ravelry

collinear - back

The size and shape are great.  I haven’t made a triangle shawl that’s so long and shallow – it’s a great shape for a short person.  I can wrap it easily around my shoulders and it’s still shallow enough to not be too long at my back.  This might be the perfect shape.

Although the yarn is substantial enough, once I blocked it the shawl became light and easy to knot and hug my shoulders.

And because it’s so light I can even drape it around my neck like a cowl.

collinear - cowl

Or bandit-style under a jacket.  Love those serrated teeth.

collinear - serated edge

The pics for this FO were tough to get right – and I’m still not totally happy with them.  The vivid colors made it hard to capture them correctly.  They either glowed or darkened.  I took pics in four locations and at three different times and finally found that the area near our potting shed at 6:30 am was the best.

collinear - by the potting shed

I had picked out the best location earlier in the week but it required that I be in the pics.  When I got up yesterday morning I had no interest in doing my hair and makeup or walking downtown for a photo shoot.  So you get pics on the mannequin instead.

This project is full of “it won’t be the last time I do” this, including:

  • Knit a Paulina Popiolek pattern – I bought the pattern very soon after it came out.  I thought there might have been a small error so I PMd Paulina.  She got back to me right away, confirmed it was an error and within 30 minutes she had sent out an update to everyone.  That’s awesome pattern support.
  • Speaking of Paulina, she worked in several smart ways to knit the pattern.  I love it when a designer is both talented and gets the technical too.
  • Knit more shawls with a single – I love how light and airy the shawl is, and the subtle color variation is gorgeous.

Now I just need to come up with *the* right outfit to wear with this.  And of course I want to wear it tomorrow to the office.  It’s supposed to be in the 90s again and that means deep freeze AC.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

19 thoughts on “FO: Collinear shawl

    • thanks Dona! the shape of this shawl made me realize how much i like wearing shawls – as long as they’re the right shape!

  1. Oh yay! I love how this turned out, it’s simply gorgeous, especially against the background you chose. I am sure that it will match many, many outfits if you just put your mind to it :)

    • thanks! i tried taking pics against greenery but it just made the magenta become eye searing. the grey-blue of the potting shed seemed to work better.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color combination- SO fun. You’ve inspired me to start my first shawl!

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