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I’ve been putting alot of thought into my Drape Along project this week. Last night I knitted up a swatch and it was “OK”. Not great – but OK. So I’m going to tweak some things and even try a different stitch pattern today. I think I’m close though and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to post what I’m finally going to be doing with this yarn!
Cast On Methods
I pretty much always use a long tail cast on unless the pattern specifies a particular technique. I tried to use it for the beginning of Smooch – which starts out with that picot edge – but the edge was too stiff and heavy. I finally tried the thumb cast on and I liked it alot better.
I also used the thumb cast on for the ruffly beginning of cheesylove. Again, it seemed perfect for the design.
Added Later – Here’s a link for the thumb cast on. It’s called the single cast on.
Then, over the weekend, I was playing around with some sock yarn that I picked up at MDSW. I have a Fiber Trends sock pattern that I really like that’s cuff-down. I was afraid of a too tight cast on so I looked around. Finally, my Twisted Sister sock book suggested that same thumb cast on for a very elastic edge. I tried it, and poof – VERY stretchy cuff. To the point where the ribbing almost looks ruffled when it’s not stretched. It was very pretty. So, I think I’ll be using that cast on from now on for cuff-down socks.
I’m curious though, was I the only one who was clueless about using that cast on for the cuffs of socks? I don’t knit many socks so it’s entirely possible. I figured I’d share it though just in case it’s not totally common knowledge. Are there any other good cast ons for cuffs?
Tune in tomorrow for more than your fill of linen drape swatches. I hope to have a winner by then.

7 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Hey Jody-
    Do tell. How does one do a thumb cast on? If it is too difficult to explain or you can’t find a link with the info. I’ll take a lesson next Monday. Will miss all of you this Memorial Day. Can’t wait to see your progress on June 7th!!

  2. Until you suggested using the thumb cast-on for Smooch, I hadn’t used it on any projects since I was first learning to knit. It does seem particularly nice for Smooch’s ruffly border (which I did manage to knit–Thank you!!!) I usually use the long-tail for cuff-down socks, but I will have to try the thumb method as well…sounds good!

  3. I usually use long tail or cable cast on for most projects.
    I do all my socks toe-up so I use a provisional crochet cast on. I always bind off at the cuff with a set of needles that are MUCH bigger than the main needles for the sock body. (I tend to cast off tightly!)
    I love that ruffled edge look too!

  4. I use this cast-on sometimes, usually when I have a lot of stitches to cast-on and I don’t want to deal with the long tail method. I actually find it a little on the firm side but I pull them tight.

  5. That was the first cast on I learned but I don’t care for the look of it. On a folded down sock, it wouldn’t bother me but otherwise I avoid it. My favorite it the long tail. I keep my tension best with that.

  6. There’s also something called a tubular cast-on which is used when you’re going to start with 1×1 rib, as I like at the top of my socks. There’s also a corresponding tubular or invisible bind-off for a 1×1 rib edge, and I found both in the technique instructions section at the back of an Interweave Knits.

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