Friday Faves: Video Knitting Tutorials

Sometimes reading instructions about knitting makes sense.  And other times you just need to see it.  Here’s a collection of some of my favorite video tutorials.

Magic Knot
Hands down the simplest way to join a new yarn.  No ends to weave in.  Did you hear me?  NO ENDS TO WEAVE IN.

Emily Ocker’s Cast On
If you’re starting a circular object from the center, this method is a clever way to cast on. Think shawls, hats and specialty garments.

Very Stretchy Cast On
I suspect this has another name, but I love this simple to execute cast on!  The video shows ribbing that stretches out as far as the ribbing.  You gotta try this one.

Long tail Purlwise Cast On
If you’re casting on ribbing and love the long tail cast on, this one is a simple extension on the traditional long tail.  I just used this last week and loved it – and really needed a video to get it right.

Lifted Increase (Right -Leaning)
One of my favorite invisible increases.  I use a lifted increase more than any other.

Lifted Increase (Left-Leaning)
If you want symmetrical increases, you’ll need this one too.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Video Knitting Tutorials

  1. Thanks for sharing those videos. They say you learn something new every day. I never heard of the magic knot before and I’ve been knitting for around 40 years!! No more weaving in yarn joins for me :)

  2. Excellent videos. I haven’t tried the left and right increases that way, but they look brilliant. I will be trying them on my next project. I love Jane Richmond’s Magic knot. It works like a charm.

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