New Things For Fall

The fall lines are starting to come out!
Dale of Norway
Dale has put out a few new Adult books.

  • #144 – Arans for men and women
  • #138 – Cardigans and sweaters mostly for women. My fav? This one here:

    I’m calling it Colombia Redux because it looks very similar to the Colombia sweater made out of natural shades of Ara. I have Colombia in my gallery of future projects and I may just need to add this sweater to it as well. Wouldn’t it look great with a pair of jeans?

Family Circle Easy Knitting
Selected photos from this mag can be found here. For some reason, none of them are really doing it for me. I’m still linking to it because I thought you all might want to check it out. See how giving I am? 😉
There are a few patterns I like in this issue. Stop by Interweave’s Preview Site to see for yourself. The two I could see myself making:


I like the sweater but not the colors. I see this in a rich, bohemian palette. Maybe deep garnet for the main color with burnt orange, brown, and gold in the scroll edges. I think this sweater has a hood (which I love!)

Aren’t these cute? I’d drop the pom poms at the tie ends. I can envision these being armwarmers too. Extending the gauntlet up to mid-forearm, and making it closer fitting. Guess I’ll be on the lookout for some cashmere this weekend!
I was over at Elann yesterday and saw their latest edition: Plymouth Outback Wool. A gorgeous painted 100% wool. It’s an awesome value at $8.39 for a 374 yard hank. I’m considering picking up some for a felted bag. Hmm…I seem to be in a bag mood lately.
Rowan Denim
And finally, a question for you all. I have some Rowan Denim that I’ve started to make into a bag. I bought the deep indigo (navy) blue color and I’d like to get it to look worn – like denim. However, I can’t help but think of myself getting frustrated like that guy in the laundry detergent commercial. You know the one? Where he washes the sweater umpteen times and it still never fades? So, tell me, what are the most abusive detergents out there? Should I put the bag in the washer with some other things to beat it up a bit? I have a front loader which should already be gentler so I need to make up for that.
Oh, one more thing. It’s Friday! Even though I only had a 4 day week boy did this one drag on (and on…)
Have a great weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “New Things For Fall

  1. I love that Plymouth Outback Wool, too. I haven’t ordered any yet though. I’m thinking of the Kaleidoscope colour for a poncho for Erika and maybe something for a sweater. The fall Easy Knitting doesn’t really do it for me either although I did buy it. Have a great weekend.

  2. I agree with you – I just a copy as well, and there is not too much I would make from it. Oh well.
    thanks for your comment – the berry hat pattern is well worth it’s price. I am going to use it to make a pumpkin hat for my cousin who is due in 3 months. Change the colour of the top of the hat – and viola – you have a new veggie hat!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress on the fair isle project you have planned.

  3. I was very tempted by the Outback Wool too, but reminded myself of all my recent acquisitions/projects so I held back!
    I LOVE that red & blue sweater though…

  4. that rowan denim will fade even without detergent–but you will get very satisfying results with very hot water and tide
    the yarn totally changes after it’s washed–it’s really cool

  5. We love the picture of the sweater “Columbia Redux” we want to know where you got the picture from? Or if you can tell us what colors are in that sweater, we have the book with the Columbia pattern, but love the colors in the redux version.

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