My Very Own Groupie

Yesterday, a coworker and I drove together to get lunch. We don’t know each other very well, although he’s always seemed like a nice enough guy. Since we don’t know much about each other we did the typical chit chat. What did you do this weekend? How’s client so-and-so treating you? Blah blah blah. And then, out of the blue, he says “So you’re a knitter I hear?”
It’s not like he was taking a wild guess. Between the KNIT euro on my Jeep, the yarn calendar on my wall, and the “I’d rather be knitting” bumper sticker right next to it I’d hardly call myself a closet knitter.
So I explain, yes I’m a knitter. I knit just about every day. I knit during lunch as often as I can. Heck, I even knit in traffic. I thought that would end the discussion. But he continued…
How did you learn? I saw you knitting under the tree at lunch, it must help with stress. What kinds of things do you knit? He seemed so genuinely interested. I was skeptical.
When we got back to the office I showed him my latest creation — the Hooray For Me glove. He looked at it. Pulled it. Felt its texture. Asked about the color changes. Said he would never have guessed it wasn’t store bought (which he meant as a compliment).
I was amazed that a young man was so genuinely curious, open-minded and non-judgemental. More often, I get the typical “oh, how…domestic” sort of response. Or, the snotty “What would Gloria Steinem think of that?” Or perhaps my favorite – “I know you knit but what do you do for fun?”
To most of these queries I think things like “Domestic? Dude – I’ve rewired half my house, replumbed the kitchen, installed hardwood flooring, removed a load bearing wall and installed a header* – what have you done?” or “I have US#0 DPNs that I’m itching to find a good use for”
Afterwards I thought about my initial skepticism. I feel kinda bad having misread his initial curiosity. Have any of you dealt with the same kinds of reactions to knitting? I knit just about anywhere I go and I really don’t care what others might say about it. But sometimes the stupid off hand comments get under my skin too.
* uhm, yeah, about that load bearing wall. Well, when I originally removed it I didn’t know it was load bearing. Closer inspection proved that yes indeedy it was holding up the roof. Who knew that a load bearing wall didn’t have to go all the way down to the first floor? So up went a few support beams while I went out to buy some lumber and build myelf my first header. 2 men and 4 hours later the header was installed. It wasn’t pretty but the second floor doors now close without scraping the sides!

8 thoughts on “My Very Own Groupie

  1. It’s interesting to have a young man have that response but it’s kind of nice to have someone (don’t care who) show that kind of interest. I hate having family and friends give me snickers and sneers because I always carry some knitting in my bag. You never know when you might be caught in a major traffic jam or have to wait for some unexpected reason.

  2. Oh and tghen last night I called my sister and she was saying how she probably won’t come to my bachlorette party cau she feels old and then i decided to tell her I knit a few minutes later and goes, “wow, now whose old!” (she’s the older sista) BAH! even my own sister! my mom thinks its cool though!

  3. That’s pretty cool. The only young men nterested in my knitting are the stand up comics at the coffee house (who routinely make my knitting part of their routine… such as saying that I am the oldest, whitest, thai sweatshop worker in LA and that I am knitting an Armani suit for 250.. the women occasionally mention that I must be knitting willie warmers or something. Though the owner of the coffee house did ask me to knit a giant comedy sock seeing as I was such a big part of the show) and the guys who want me to make them beanies or sweaters.

  4. I love it when people are surprised that other people still make things the slow way, the traditional way. I like when their eyes widen and they “get” it. Good for you!

  5. I got one of those snide comments the other day and was sorely tempted to do harm to someone with my circular needles. Wouldn’t want to void the warranty on my Denises, though!
    It is nice when someone shows a genuine interest and appreciation for what you do! I knit everywhere I go and never leave home without some sort of knitting. As Greta says, (and this is my new favorite motto) Knit ON!

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