Now to Block

2 balls/598 yards/5 FOs

The knitting is done, the stretchy bind off is done (EZ’s sewn cast off). All that’s left is to block it. Here it is in its preblocked state, on the blocking implement (a paint can).

I’ll give it a dunk tonight and it should be ready to wear this weekend. Now all I need is some cold weather!
OK, so I held up my end of the bargain. Now I get to pick out my Knitting on the Road sock and get started this weekend!

5 thoughts on “Now to Block

  1. Hi!! I read your blog all the time but this is my first post which I’m putting up here to be sure you read it (I have no clue how these blog things work, lol!)Anyway, I love your blog (lots of knitting!!) and you’re very entertaining as well as talented!
    I saw a few posts ago you were thinking of stranding Fixation with cashmere for some stretchy fingerless gloves…well there is some really nice, stretchy yarn called Stahl Merino Stretch that is very soft and stretchy AND will be on sale at in November. It’s not cashmere but it’s nice, soft merino and it’s nicer than mixing cotton yarn with cashmere (IMHO!) and will meet the need you expressed and best of all, not too spendy! You can see it under *sneak peeks* at Elann in November and find the exact date it will go on sale.
    Additionally there is Heirloom Breeze which is a stretchy blend of cotton and wool that comes in very nice colors and is very soft(sport weight) or you could use Skacel Trampoline (fingering weight stretchy wool) or Regia Stretch (also fingering wt wool).
    Hope all this helps, email me if you need any more info!! And thanks for the great read :)

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