Now that I’ve joined and have knit a few rows in the round I’m feeling confident a bit confident better.
The front neckline has the shape I was hoping for (yay!), and the center diamond will not be too big (I think).
Deadline Check
14 days until baby p’s baby shower — and yes, the blanket still looks pretty much the way it did on march 30th.
17 days until summer
Care to guess which one I’ll be knitting on tonight?

10 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. You’re gonna knit the sweater, right? Sure, that’s a cutie-pie baby blanket and while it’s rather impressive as far as baby blankets go, it’s still just a baby blanket. And if the baby’s being born in the summer, what the heck does it need with a blanket any way? Not like it’s gonna catch a cold, right?
    Your public is eagerly anticipating the next move in your quest for The Sweater. As Jody #1, I am less-than-humbly beseeching you, Jody #2, to knit the sweater.

  2. hehe… cant wait to see it finished. If I ever get myknitting mojo back I’ll be trying to fix (damn stitchmarker placements when you have to rip…) and finish my Tivoli.

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