Off to a Good Start

I did a LOT of knitting this weekend — some Clapotis, some on the Cabled and Ribber sweater, some on a new Kureyon scarf, and a lot on the snowflake sweater.


There’s a finished back and sleeve, and half of the front. I’ve already washed and blocked the back and sleeve. What a difference! See the poofy orbs coming out of the front piece on the needles? The washing relaxed all of them and even made the fabric more even. The Nadia yarn is quite thick and thin and washing helped give it a lovely texture.
I was a little concerned about what might happen to the mohair I stranded with the white. Would the red bleed? Would the mohair lose its fluff? But it made it through the bath well, too. Here’s a closeup shot of the mohair.
Last Day of Vacation
This is it! My final day off. And my plans — knitting, Tivo, more CSI on DVD, and takeout Chinese for dinner. All from the comfort of my living room in sweats and a T shirt.

8 thoughts on “Off to a Good Start

  1. Don’t you hate the end of a vacation. Tomorrow is my last day but I plan on spending today AND tomorrow in jammies on my couch.

  2. Ooooh, that is so pretty! (And sorry if I missed your switch-over, but I love the new blog look. I usually click through from Bloglines, but I hadn’t noticed it before. Very nice!)

  3. I am off today again also. It is turning out to be the most productive without everyone else around.
    I wouldn’t have known you changed your duds again either. The good and the bad of bloglines :@

  4. Yeah for the knitting. Isn’t that Nadia yarn fabulous? I want to see a birds eye view of the snowflake! How much does the fuzz take away from the definition?

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