18 thoughts on “Perfect Match

  1. How timely! All day today, I have been trying to get Regia self-striping to match up! How did you do it?? I’m OK for a few stripes, and then one is off and that throws the rest off!

  2. Congratulations! That means your gauge is very consistent. Though the yarn brand also matters here. What yarn are you using? Thank you for the color suggestions for my socks. Brown sounds like a good possibility.

  3. Gorgeous photos and even more gorgeous knitting! I’m jealous. My blog photos look like “oh &*#! I need a photo to go on my blog” whereas yours look like art! I shall try to follow your example in the future. Your blog is such a pleasure to visit.

  4. that sock is very fun…I’m envious of your matching them so perfectly…I’m just happy to complete two socks in a row (the same two socks, that is).

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  6. Inga said “what a load of crap!” just for teh sake of irony, but my homie will refrain.
    Anyway, yours truly felt it was about time yours truly posted

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