Airy Cardigan

I bought some mohair on eBay. I like the yarn, but the color is VERY different from what I had expected.


It was described as light violet and looked like a pale blue in the pics. I think I was sent the wrong yarn.
I thought I would make the best of it but I’m not sure I’m feeling the love. The pattern is a quick knit and I am enjoying knititng it. But the color — not so much.
It’s 80% mohair and 20% acrylic. Do you think I could overdye it with a light lavender or pink to make it less stripey and less white? I think I’ll feel like a big marshmallow in this cardi.

40 thoughts on “Airy Cardigan

  1. Um…that’s PINK isn’t it? Geez! What a bummer. Can you write the guy and see if he can send the right yarn? Better yet, wind off a little and try a little dye job. You may be happy with how it turns out!

  2. I like the way it is looking so far, but of course, it you are not happy with it, that is what counts. I would try what Christie said above.
    Good luck~

  3. Hmmm… I see what you mean about feeling like a marshmallow but you could also be pleasantly surprised and like how it looks on you. I would try a small dye job and see how that goes, if it doesn’t work out maybe see if you can return the yarn.

  4. I think I would contact the seller. You might be right about them sending the wrong yarn to you. If the seller assures you that is the right yarn top dyeing it might be your best bet. Just find a dye that you like and test. The Mannings in PA seems to have a wide range of dyes.
    On another note
    You write about your job a lot, and it sounds interesting–pitching projects, working with clients, giving them a product that meets their needs. May I ask what your job title is and how you got your job? I am thinking after my current position to change my career somewhat. I am currently a graphic designer, and I think I am growing out of the career. I want to do more–its just not getting me excited anymore–but then again it could be that I have a major life changing events happening right now. (move in a month or two, selling one house buying another, plus this is the crazy time of year for hubby.) Contact me offline if possible

  5. It looks good from here, the vertical strips on the hem and the horizontal stripes on the body. But if the colours are not you, it’s better to start re-thinking now. Trying to dye on a small sample of the yarn seems a sound idea.

  6. It looks light violet,white and peach on my monitor but its lovely. But if you hate it or have doubts you should prolly frog what you’ve done and over dye it. Why put the work into something that “feels” wrong from the jump?
    OR send it back :)

  7. Hmm -did you contact the seller to ask about the color? Maybe she would let you send it back and replace it? I would have to agree with you on this one, Jody – the color – not so exciting! I would bet you could overdye it to brighten it up.

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