Wool and Lanolin

I had hoped to show you all a pic of a larger baby blanket, but it just hasn’t happened yet.
Instead, I am asking you all for advice. Kelly (recipient-to-be of the blanket) just ordered some 100% wool nursing pads.
They sell a Lana Lanolin Soap that is supposed to replenish the lanolin, keeping the pads soft and absorbent.
It’s about 4 times the price of Eucalan. What do you all think? Is the Lana worth it? Or do we knitters just get a better deal on the Eucalan? She doesn’t mind paying for it if it’s worth it. And if it’s not, I’ll buy her a big jug of the Eucalan.
Fall Designs
Garnstudio published a preview to their fall/winter line earlier this week. There are some really nice designs. Go check it out! Link courtesy of LJ’s knitting community.

16 thoughts on “Wool and Lanolin

  1. Having nursed, I will say that the cotton nursing pads are fabulous. They are machine washable and non-irritating. The wool ones never really did anything but irritate my skin. Having said that, she’d probably be better off with the Eucalan and a tube of Lansinoh for her nipples than the expensive soap that may or may not work.

  2. Oof. Wool nursing pads? I used the cotton and they were great. Let’s say that anything woolen against, um, tender skin, might be a bad idea. That said, lanolin when nursing is absolutely necessary.

  3. I used cotton nursing pads too. I DID use wool diaper covers over my baby’s diapers and when the “waterproofing” would go, I’d use some Lansinoh (I found it at Walmart but other pharmacies and baby stores may have it.). I would just put some on my hands and then rub it on the cover.

  4. Off the top of my head my concern about Euclan instead of the Lana would be the added fragrances. I don’t know how tender and possibly chapped/cracked skin would be effected by eucalyptus or lavendar.
    (but I haven’t gotten to that part of my life so I may have no idea what I am talking about)

  5. I have no idea which would be better … hmmm. Good to know though. I’ll have to keep it in mind if I ever am in the need for breastpads again …

  6. I, too, used cotton nursing pads and they worked great. I also used plain old lanolin from the pharmacy for preventing sore nipples.
    Like someone else said, I’d worry about the added fragrance in the Eucalan. It has a rather strong scent to me. My doc told me to wash my breasts with plain water when I was nursing, so I never let anything soap like or scented get near them. Maybe I was overly cautious?

  7. Oh man, more gorgeous things I now want to knit! Makes me hope for sweater weather (goodness, did I just wish for cold??)

  8. Wool nursing pads? What do I know, but seems like they would get kinda smelly and scratchy very quickly. What about cotton ones with some nice moisturizer.

  9. I’ve bought the Lavolin from Fern and Faerie to make my own lanolin-rich wool wash. It was 3 or 5 bucks, I think and lasts about 50 washes. You just add a pea sized glob of the Lavolin in a cup of boiling water, let it melt, pour it in some tepid water with some dish or laundry soap and then wash your woolies. Cheap and easy-peasy.

  10. I haven’t used either of the wool washes you mentioned, but I do know that with my super sensitive skin I am allergic to lanolin. Did you know they have it in Clinique’s stuff? I didn’t til my face exploded in red puffy nastiness! I’m not sure whether lanolin would have the same effect on a babies skin but it might not be worth the risk.

  11. one thing that helped my skin (and sore nipples) is pure lanolin. I would think that the other stuff would smell good, but the lanolin might be soothing instead.

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