Color of Another Sort

Color was my theme this weekend. I finally stopped procrastinating fit in dyeing my hair.
It’s the first time I’ve dyed it myself. After spending $250 a pop for a dye job and a cut I decided to give it a go myself.


It’s not perfect but I’m pretty happy with it for my first try. In case you’re curious, the highlights are L’Oreal Excellence Hicolor Permanent Hair Color in Magenta and the darker shade underneath is Feria in Chocolate Cherry.
ps – those of you who know me know how much I hate taking my pic, so you can rest assured that this means no new sweater progress to show you today.
pps – those of you who live in Philly…beware of the bar at Maggiano’s on 12th and Filbert. I had a lot to drink this weekend and the apple martinis are smooth and far the best worst best I’ve had. All I can say is thank god my brother drove us to work this morning.

62 thoughts on “Color of Another Sort

  1. Oh, mama! I tried to get my hair done like that a while ago and after trying a hundred different places, I gave up. None could get it right. I’m so jealous. It looks great! 😀

  2. It looks fab (and I love your frames). Never had an apple martini myself, but more power to you if you look that great after a couple rounds!

  3. $250??!! I paid $150 for cut/color/highlights and after a few times couldn’t do it any more. Went back to Feria. I love the conditioner they give you in the box too. Yours looks great!

  4. hi there!
    just found your blog via rowan/river. i’ve been wanting to knit it and wanted to know how other people fared.
    anyhoo, found in your future projects page a sweater : lacy pullover. could you tell me the source?
    many thanks!!!

  5. hootchie mama!!! that color looks great. so great, in fact, that i’ve just lately contemplated dyeing my hair for the first time in, oh, nearly 10 years…
    actually, it wasn’t you so much as i feel like i need a change, and since the hair’s not going to straighten itself, why not color???

  6. Your hair looks really pretty. It really brings out your eyes! I love your blog and I have a huge favor to ask. I was wondering if I could buy your phildar 397? I cannot find it anywhere. I am desperate to knit the hoodie for my daughter. Thanks, Sarah

  7. BEAUTIFUL! I just dyed my hair the Feria Chocolate Cherry this past weekend, and now I think I might have to highlight it – maybe not the same color you did 😉 but you’ve given me some ideas and confidence to try highlights myself! Oh, and where in Philly are you? I live in Glenolden! (waves!)

  8. You look MARVELOUS!
    Hm, that chocolate cherry is calling to me, I think. As I got holder my hair has gotten darker. It was already fairly dark brown to start with and now despite almost daily walks with the dog, the natural highlights have not warmed the tone much. And then there’s that pesky grey. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. So I was trying to show someone online my hair color ( no camera handy) and i used the same one you did and your hair looks fantastic! I love the style! Good Job!

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