FO: Chemo Cap

This ended up being a very quick little project.


Yarn Rowan Calmer, about 150 yards
Needles 5.5mm Knit Picks Options
Pattern Chemo Cap from Knitting for Peace
Thoughts & Mods My favorite part of the hat is the spiral top. I’m a sucker for a spiral top hat.
The pattern called for sport weight yarn so I adjusted for gauge. I CO 80 sts for a size small. I played it safe and made the small because the pattern called for 200 yards and a ball of Calmer only has 175. In the end I had 10 grams (approx 35 yards) left. I have a few more single balls of Calmer in my stash, so next time I’ll make a bigger size.
I reversed the direction of the decreases and decreased into the YOs. So, for the single eyelet I did ssk, yo. And for the double eyelet I did ssk, yo, k1, yo, k2tog. I dislike the asymmetry of doing a k2tog before the YOs because it creates a line on the right side slanting up and to the right, but no complimentary line on the left. I was concerned that the eyelets would be misshapen but they’re not. It’s a small difference but I like it, and I plan to incorporate it in other similar eyelet patterns.
I had read somewhere that most cotton yarns shrink by 20% in length if you dry them. Since I wanted this cap to be easy care I knitted it 20% longer and then laundered it inside out. The yarn fluffed up really nicely and its finished measurements are right on.
I don’t know what it is about Calmer but I have a lot of trouble knitting with it. No matter what type of needle I try it seems to stick, and I have to use a larger needle just to get gauge. This is the only yarn I’ve ever had this problem with, and it’s stayed with me for almost 3 years now. I love the finished product but I’m unsure I’d be able to knit up a full sweater with it. A hat wasn’t a big deal, but a sweater would take some effort.
The hat is what I had hoped for — simple, soft, and easy care. I’m happy to make this knit for charity my first FO of the year.

12 thoughts on “FO: Chemo Cap

  1. It’s lovely!
    I have to say, although I am not as experienced a knitter as you, I totally agree with you about the Calmer. I couldn’t find it locally and I heard so many great things about it, so I ordered a bunch of it, some of which was going to be used to make my dad a hat (he’s allergic to wool).
    I had to rip out the hat about 5 times before I completely gave up on this yarn. It behaves like no other yarn I have ever worked with…my gauge was totally wacky, it was sticky and splitty (like the plies would unravel as I was knitting it??) and stretchy but like too stretchy? Anyway, I hated it and ended up swapping all of it online…I want to love all things Rowan, but I just couldn’t stand working with this stuff.

  2. You’re a speedy blogger, I didn’t a chance to comment on your wristwarmers, good colors!Nice job!
    Hope you got to see many examples of Latvian mittens from Beth.
    My 1st pr I used J&S Shetland worked well, pg 74 16a Kurzemme, what wool did Beth reccomend

  3. You know, so many people loooove Calmer, and I just don’t get it- kudos to Rowan for making a unique yarn, but I guess it seems more like the cotton for people who hate cotton, which defeats the purpose.

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