35 and counting

Today I turn 35. I keep thinking at some point I’m going to hit an age where I’ll start to feel old. Hasn’t happened yet. As I get older I feel more comfortable and confident in who I am. I love this feeling. Birthdays? Bring em on!

Birthday 2007

I was a very lucky girl this year.
I’ve been frustrated lately with the type of pictures I’ve able to take with my camera. This little guy should help. I say help because after playing with it for a few hours I’ve decided I need to take a class to really learn how to use it properly.
Then, I finally got Favorite socks. While I had several of the patterns from back issues of IK, a few of the older ones are additions, and well as the brand new.
And then, a few etsy gems.
The yarn is this really beautiful, mottled, handdyed by Spindlecatstudio. It’s so soft that I’m considering a scarf rather than socks. I’m not sure I want to stuff this yarn into my shoes!
And finally, a set of danglefree stitch markers and danglefree row markers from entrelac at etsy. These were recommended by Kristy and they’re great. Light, compact, and burr-free.
The weather is terrible. Lots of rain and wind. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a day spent knitting in the house.
And then there’s talk of a lemon cake making its way here this afternoon with a special little man.

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