dragon scarf: the start

Oh how nice it is to not be knitting something cabley, heavy, and green. My fingers have been aching for something different. I really thought I’d want to start some colorwork mitts I’ve been coveting, but after getting back from Rhinebeck, this little scarf was just begging to be knit.

dragon scarf: start

I have to admit that I wasn’t terribly excited to knit these scarves. I wasn’t dreading it, but they didn’t seem all that appealing — just some garter and stockinette stitch with a few increases, decreases and bind offs thrown in for good measure.
But once I started I couldn’t stop. Knitting this scarf is *fun*. It’s the most fun I’ve had knitting something in a very long time. I’m sure at least some of my take on this is because of the marathon St Brigid knitting sessions, but I think I’d enjoy it either way. I can’t help myself. With each little scale I find myself wondering what the next one will bring — will the scarf drape? will the scales fall to the side or stand straight up? will the yarn be non-knitter soft? how long will it really be? (since they only list stitch gauge and not row gauge)
I do have two complaints though:

  1. What’s up with all the VM in this yarn? I seem to be picking out something foreign at least once per row (and the rows are only 27 stitches long at this point).
  2. I am fairly certain there’s an error in the pattern. I’ve checked on the Morehouse site, I’ve googled and checked on Ravelry. No one seems to mention any errors, but I don’t believe you can knit those scales the way they instruct you to do so. In the end it wasn’t very hard to figure it out, but I’m really curious to see if I’m right. I think I’ll email Morehouse tonight to see what they say. I’ll let you all know if I hear anything.

BTW, am I the last one to know that Evelyn Clark has her own web site? The Autumn Lace Scarf and the Twining Leaves Lace Socks are calling my name.

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  1. That’s so deliciously red! I’m guessing that the perfect time to knit a scarf is right after finishing an Alice Starmore pattern :)
    I didn’t know about the site either. Very interesting!

  2. That’s going to be so cute! After all that cable knitting, you just needed something a little more mindless probably. There is a lot of VM in Morehouse yarns, even the laceweight I’ve used in the past. It’s really hard to process such a fine wool and they do a fairly good job. I’ve seen much worse (like the cormo I spun a couple of months ago. Ugh!).

  3. I’m thinking of making that scarf soon for my niece, so I’d be interested to know where the possible error is. I’m currently making the alligator scarf and it’s a fun, easy pattern. However, I’m using a different yarn because I had heard that the recommended Morehouse yarn was kind of rough and broke easily.
    By the way, I saw you a few times at Rhinebeck and was tempted to say “hi” and let you know that I read your blog. But, alas, I was too shy. So, I’m saying it now — Hi! 😉

  4. No, cause this post just told me! But $8 for a sock pattern? I don’t think so!
    I love this scarf, I so wish I had giftees that lived in cold climates!

  5. I had no idea Evelyn Clark had a website! That’s freaking kick ass!
    I continute to admire your self restraint when it comes to festival purchasing. =)

  6. I had an issue with a Morehouse pattern a few years ago. I never found any errata nor could they seem to help me at all. I did figure it out myself in the end but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth about using their patterns.

  7. I have made two of theses scarves and I had both come out a little different. I found the head instructions and little vague and with no stitch count at the end to match to I was never 100% positive I was making it right.

  8. I’d seen the dragon scarf before in green and it didn’t appeal to me but in red…
    I really love it. It must be because I’m Welsh. I want one of my own and I shall call it Idris*.
    *a reference to a British kids 1970s TV programme called Ivor the Engine

  9. I just knit the Lobster Mitts from Morehouse and hated the yarn because it was so fragile. I just looked and it’s the same yarn you’re using, but yours definitely looks sturdier. I admit I don’t know a lot about fibres so I know I’m probably not using the right terms, but the yarn just seemed to be in a near raw state – very fluffy like the stuff I’ve seen on cards and therefore very little structure. Are you having problems with it acting fragile and breaking?

  10. I want to make the alligator scarves for Xmas but I don’t like hearing about the issues with Moorhouse yarns provided in the kit. Does anyone have the pattern and a recommendation for yarn to use? I want to make a baby alligator scarf as well.

  11. I’m knitting this exact same scarf! I love this pattern, it’s so cute, but you’re right, lots of little straw bits. But the scarf will be so adorable, I can’t pass it up!

  12. Hi, I too was curious if you have heard back from Morehouse about the pattern… My nephew would love this (he actually saw it in on of my magazines) and I really don’t want to be frustrated… not the feeling I want when making a gift.
    Thanks! BTW, I love that color!

  13. I knitted the Alligator scarf in the Morehouse yarn and did not care for it. I would like to have a pattern for the child’s alligator scarf but cannot access the Morehouse website. Any ideas?

  14. Hi…I called Morehouse not too long ago and they told me that the pattern for the scarf itself would be for sale as soon as they got around to updating the website. I’m interested in the alligator scarf pattern and the mittens. I’d gladly trade a copy of this for something you may want…I’ve got oodles of animal patterns and the like. You can email me at moerose13@yahoo.com for ideas. :)

  15. do you have a pattern you can share with me of how to make the dragon? my son wants me to make him one! Thank you

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