Cast On Mania is still going strong

Five Bags Five Projects
I received my Go Knit pouches last week. I’m so glad I decided to order them. It’s quick to grab a project on my way out the door and the different colors make it easy to know which is which. And the snap tab allows me to hang the bag on the seat back on the train.
Plus looking at all those colors just make me happy.
I find that I mostly concentrate on a single project each week. This week it’s been the stripey socks. Those little stripes are so addicting.
Stripey Sock in Progress
I did a striped short row heel with a 6 stitch mini gusset. My jogless stripes technique has improved – you can still see evidence of the “jogless” if you look for a diagonal line along the sole of the foot – and this project has also gotten me used to working with 2 yarns. I’ve never enjoyed working with 2 active yarns but now – it’s not so bad.
I still have all the ends to weave in but I can’t stop myself from knitting the stripes. I’ll likely go back to weave in all the ends once I’m done.
Speaking of done, my goal is to finish this sock before going back to one of the other projects. I’m trying my hardest to finish three Cast On Mania projects before casting on anything else. It was touch and go when I discovered Knitscene Accessories a couple weeks back but so far I’m staying strong.
What about you? What are you craving to start?

7 thoughts on “Cast On Mania is still going strong

  1. I say heck yeah to those awesomely striped socks. You know I have never done a short row heel? I am going to try one soon after seeing yours.
    Love those bags.
    I am catching your cast on mania and casting on every shawl I can think of. :)

  2. I love those bags!! So nice and colorful! They certainly beat the gallon sized plastic bags I’m using…
    and your striped socks are marvelous! I feel those two yarns were meant to be this project :)

  3. What a great sock – the purple yarn than transitions from dark to light is beautiful. It’s really cooly how the stripes carry into the heel – I’ve never done that before, but would love to learn the technique.

  4. Those bags are super awesome! I love the idea of organizing projects by color. Your socks are looking great.
    I’m craving to start Color Affection. I’m using the needles I need on another project, so it’ll have to wait.

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