FO: Lucy Cowl

I’m on a roll here with another FO (believe me this is not sustainable).

lucy with coat


Lucy Cowl by Heidi Hennessy

My Rav project

I used an entire kit of Pepperberry Knits Fun Size Bundle in Urbanite

This was a fun little project – all stockinette in the round.  The original pattern uses even stripes repeated twice but I did uneven stripes to change it up a bit.

lucy B side

In the beginning I used a random stripe generator but then I switched to just deciding on the fly.  It kinda looks like something I’d get at the Gap.  Strong colors with some shades of gray thrown in too.

lucy A side

I used the Magic Knot to join the colors so I didn’t have to weave in all those ends.  Total lifesaver and the joins don’t look too bad.  Here’s a view of the joins (I flipped the cowl so you could see the wrong side).  I just made sure all the joins were in the latter half of one of the repeats so I could.  If you do this type of cowl, do yourself a favor and use the Magic Knot.

I can’t stress this enough.

lucy joins

The cashmere is awesome against my neck and I think I might pick up another bundle at some point.  I like the different colors and the small lengths (approx 40 yards each) made for fun decisions.  If I had more yardage for each I probably would have gone with more of my shades.  It was fun to be forced out of my comfort zone.  And hey – it’s even one of my goals!

I’ll catch you on the purl side…


9 thoughts on “FO: Lucy Cowl

  1. I wish I could do random stripes. I have never seen the Random Stripe Generator before, maybe that will help since I’m following a “pattern”.

  2. I love this so much. I really do agree that I would see that at a store like Gap. And I use that magic knot for everything. It really is a lifesaver.

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