FO: 15 Colour Rainbow Socks

15 Colour Rainbow Socks

Finally – an FO in 2014.  I’ve knitted a ton this year but haven’t been able to concentrate on anything.   So when the desire to finish these socks popped up last weekend I ran with it.

I started these socks back in February so you might need a refresher.

It started out as this yarn.

15 color rainbow yarn

15 Colour Rainbow by Fab Funky Fibres in her 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon base

I knit the first sock (also in February)

15 color rainbow socks one downKnit part of the second sock…and there it sat.  For months.  Until last weekend.

The knitting was simple – my standard toe-up on 2.25mm over 66 sts.  At the suggestion of a blog reader I used the Crystal Socklet afterthought heel (LOVE IT!).

The “hardest” part was keeping track of the stripes on sock 1 so I could match them for sock 2.

After finishing the first sock I was disappointed at how short they were.  I’d never knitted an afterthought heel so I wasn’t sure how long to make them.  Had I had more experience I would have made them longer.

And that would have been a mistake.

One of the lessons this sock taught be was just how much yarn I used up matching the stripes.  Fifteen colors sure makes for a lot of waste.  After I finished sock #2 I knew I wouldn’t have had enough to do much more.  Maybe 2 more stripes on the leg but that’s it.  So we’ll chalk that up to dumb luck.

I also worked the heel over more than half the sts – I did 3 more on each side.  While they do fit I don’t think it’s necessary given the extra shaping this heel has – you decrease at different rates as you get closer to the end of the heel and the decreases are done in a 4-point spiral.  No biggie though – it’ll just be that much quicker next time.

But let’s not focus on the things I’d do differently next time.  Because people – I FINISHED A PAIR OF SOCKS.

Just in time for summer.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

11 thoughts on “FO: 15 Colour Rainbow Socks

  1. I really love these socks! I’m relatively new to knitting (I knit a few things 50 years ago) and I have about 1/3 of my first sock done. woohoo! I’m knitting my first pair toe up as I have extremely LARGE (swim fin) feet. :-) Thank you so much for the inspiration. I think I’m going to really like knitting socks.

    • oh yay i’m so glad you found the sock knitting bug! let me know if you have any issues (toe up is my fave). which CO and heel are you going to use?

      • I’m following the “Learn to Knit Toe-Up Magic Loop Socks” video tutorial that I found on I did a provisional cast on–a little complicated but I got through the toe on the fourth try. I picked this video tutorial as she goes through almost stitch by stitch and it also had measurements for man-sized socks–me and my HUGE feet. I have never had pretty socks in my life. Every time I tried a pair on, the heel would hit me right in the middle of my arch. I figure if I make them, I can make them to fit. Scathingly brilliant idea, no? (grin) The pattern says that making the heel will be just like making the toe so I’m not exactly sure which heel I’m doing…yet. Next step is the heel. I started in a beautiful sock yarn but it was like knitting with toothpicks so I switched to a nice worsted weight for my first pair. I figure these can be pretty bed socks for the winter. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

        • ah ok – that’s a short row heel. that’s the first heel that i did too. after several pairs i realized that the fit just wasn’t that great for me. now my favorite toe up heel is Wendy’s Toe Up Slip Stitch Heel

          i think doing your first pair in worsted is a good call – you get to try out all the techniques without struggling with the tiny needles.

          are you on Ravelry? i’d love to peek at your progress.

          • I just signed up on Ravelry–Pamelaric. I only have two pictures of the progress of my sock toe, but I’ve started working on my heel. I’ll post a pic when I head up the leg to the cuff.

  2. I love your socks! They are quite cheerful. If ever I get to a 15 color rainbow, what I’ve learned from you is that I will need two skeins of it so I can have extra long striped socks.

    • you know i was thinking about this after reading your comment. what i might do if i could do it over is use a different color (coordinating) for the heel. this way i could use up as much o the yarn as i wanted to.

      i think i’ll try this for the next pair.

  3. Jody your socks are delightful! They are perfect! I never tried an afterthought heel, I wonder if it would fit a high instep foot…
    Happy Sunday!

    • i don’t know about fitting high insteps. it does make a deeper heel than a regular afterthought – more similar to a heel flap. and you can also change the depth by working more plain rnds at the beginning or more rnds between decs.

      would that help?

  4. Oh those socks are AMAZING! So awesome, and so bright!
    But yes, matching up stripes is funnn, right? I have recently tried doing that with a pair of socks and I love how they turned out, but man it was a pain trying to get it just right! 😛

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