Friday Faves: New To Me Designers

I’m constantly surprised by the number of quality designers popping up on Ravelry.  Here’s a sampling of the latest…

Ginkgo Collection

yellowcosmo – Her Ginkgo Collection with the contrasting color stems really drew me in and I can imagine the stole done up in a variety of color combos.  And that differently-shaped leaf is a breath of fresh air.

Annd Dalvi

Anna Dalvi – The strong lines in her Fields of Malachite shawl from Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color uses twisted stitches and symmetry to make a striking shape.   At almost 100 accessory designs she’s impressively prolific.  How is it that I’ve never heard of Anna?

What about you?  Any new-to-you designers?  Or designers that fly under the radar that deserve a little more attention?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

5 thoughts on “Friday Faves: New To Me Designers

  1. Woah, I really like Yellowcosmo’s patterns, that first one is just amazing. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t really seen many designers I like lately, I tend to just click onto interesting patterns via Ravelry searches…

  2. I like Anna Dalvi’s designs. I’ve just taken a look over on Ravelry and her designs are beautiful. They’re quite different to the usual shawl designs that seem to do the rounds.

  3. I see we both have fallen for yellowcosmo’s new design, gorgeous isn’t it! Lovely post and more to add to my favorites :)

  4. Thanks for the intro to some new designers Jody. I have the first version of Ginkgo and took a look at the new collection this week also. Amazing stuff!

    Another up and coming designer whose patterns I like is Amanda Reed. Simple enough for the beginning knitter but interesting enough for the pro.

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