camp loopy!

camp loopy

I’ve told myself I should join Camp Loopy.

Well this year I did.

There’s a challenge each month.  First month is to knit up at least 400 yards into a project.

I picked my yarn – Malabrigo Mechita in English Rose.  I love the color variations!  And since it pretty much matches my blog you know how I feel about the color.

Next up is the pattern choice.  The color variations say garter stitch to me.  I’ve narrowed it down to 4 shawls:

camp loopy 1 shawls

  • Pennae by Hilary Smith Calis – 2 colors, stripes and lace should keep me interested.
  • Antarktis by Janina Kallio – simple but effective and the use of the mesh stitch allows it to get bigger than most 400 yard shawls.
  • Meridian by JumperCablesKnitting – simple with the addition of a second color divided by a row of eyelets.  I’ll be able to use up the whole skein and then add as much of the second color as I want for added length.
  • Mrs. Blandings by Casapinka – Stripes and simple lace between the panels blend 2 colors beautifully

Which one do you like best?  Any others that you’d recommend?  Of course I cycle between the 4 (and have bouts of “omg I *have* to add this one too”) but I’ve been keeping to these 4 for a few days now.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

13 thoughts on “camp loopy!

    • thanks! i got really lucky with this yarn – mail order is always tough but this one is exactly what i’d pick.

  1. what beautiful yarn! I haven’t used that malabrigo base yet and I am intrigued. Highly recommend the Antarktis pattern, btw. It knits up quickly and is pretty intuitive!

    • if i don’t make Antarktis now i’ll definitely make it another time. looks very knittable *and* wearable.

  2. I vote for Anarktis, too. I like the look of the mesh sections.
    Glad to see you back. I wondered if you had stopped blogging and I’m glad you didn’t!

    • I like Anarktis too, but I’m not sure it’s the right fit for this yarn. I think the color variations would get lost with the mesh.

      And no way you’re losing me that easily 😉 Life got a little busy but I’m back!

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