Knotions Relaunch

I’m so excited – I’m relaunching Knotions!

As you may know, I founded Knotions in 2008 to distribute free knitting patterns, tutorials and reviews.  We’ve been live ever since but haven’t produced a new issue since 2009.

Fast forward 6 years and we’ve returned with the start of a new site, new logo, new colors, mobile-friendly, seo-friendly and social-friendly.

For now, the main pages are in the new site and I’m working on the patterns.  And of course, I’ll be taking submissions for new issues.

Read the blog articles to get more info on Knotions, the plans, why you’d want to publish in Knotions and a sneak peek at the new pattern design (spoiler alert – it now includes PDF and print buttons that let *you* select which images you want to print).

As you can tell I’m over the moon with the new site and I hope you are too!

I’ve already made several enhancements based on reader feedback so please let me know your thoughts and ideas.  Like I said in my first post, this is *your* site too.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

6 thoughts on “Knotions Relaunch

  1. That’s great news! I’d be thrilled if the pattern to your Fall Raglan was included – it was a great design that I was looking forward to adding to my wardrobe!

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