A couple more baby gift ideas

I was searching around for striped sock yarn – yes, my hyperfocus has turned to socks – when I came across the Katia Book 28 for Babies. Here’s what I’m thinking right now for the 2 upcoming births. What do you think?
I like the style on this one, but in a striped colorway like this. Of course, I’m still on a sundress kick, so this one fits the bill nicely
It’s worked up in Katia Mississippi 3 a 60% Cotton 40% Acrylic machine washable yarn. Their color selection is pretty large. I found this color card at www.yarns-and.com.
The babies are being born at the end of April and this looked like a good choice for warm weather babies. Is it practical? Would you use it? I thought the buttons on the shoulder and crotch would make it easier to get on and off. So, girls, tell me the truth – is this a good option?

4 thoughts on “A couple more baby gift ideas

  1. Wow that’s quite a large number of projects to take on at once. Pretty soon I imagine you will be having to hire surrogate-knitters to complete these projects! You know I’m kidding! I just love seeing your work and the progress you’ve made on your socks!

  2. I think those baby ideas are really neat. I would love receiving them and I think they would get wear out of them. Just plan your size to match up with summer time. If they wear them lots in July and August when it’s hot, they’ll be 3 to 4 months. So, if there’s a 3-6 month size in the pattern that might be a good one to go for. I’d never knit 0-3 months though – they’d be out of that in no time. I always tried to make stuff “big” because they grow so fast and that’s what I did with my little girl before I had her but stuff was too huge for her for a long time and the styles you’ve selected are very warm weather specific. I love those patterns though. They’re great. Other people may disagree with me on the sizing. I guess my little girl was one of those little girls who stayed tiny for a long, long time.
    Happy knitting.

  3. I am expecting my first baby mid-April and your patterns/ideas have me drooling! I think they are just perfect for warm weather babies. Get to knittin’ girl.

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