New Beginnings and The Ends

The New Stuff
One of my friends had her baby yesterday! A few days early and he’s 7 pounds 10 ounces. She’s only 4’11” tall. I can’t believe that baby came out of her. A no, it wasn’t a C section.
So, now that I know she had a boy (I was holding out for a girl so I could make Anouk) I can get to thinking about what to make for her.
After lots of discussion about what to make for a new summer baby, I decided to ditch the idea and make something for the fall/winter. It just seems to fit so much better. I know you can make tanks and little onesies, but something about them just didn’t say “wow, handknit gift” to me. So I’m going for the more traditional cool weather gift. No inspiration yet, but feel free to chime in if you have an idea!
The Ends
The talk of a thousand ends sure brought about alot of comments. I agree with Allison – ends are the worst part of the project. But similar to childbirth (I’ve been told) the lure of knitting pulls us back in to yet another (and another…) project.
I took Kathleen’s sage advice and decided to do Maude in the round. Since I had planned on giving it a side vent I just cast on for the front last night and caught up to the back. Thanks, Kathleen – you are right. It really does make alot more sense.
Dontcha just love that part about blogging? The support, the ideas, the kick in the butt when you need it.
And I love Christine’s suggestion for an end-along. How funny! I may just need the support. I’ve been considering making the matching shrug for Maude since I’ll have so much yarn left over. What is it about Mission Falls that just sucks you into thinking “Those ends won’t be *that* bad.”?

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings and The Ends

  1. I think a fall sweater is the way to go. Hmm…a 5 month old…I am in the midst of contemplating knitting for a 6 month old boy. I don’t want to do a cardi. So, I guess it will be some sort of rollneck pullover. Will the mother hate me? :) Have you checked any of the Mission Falls patterns? I love WeeKnits and Weeknits too. And the cotton and the wool would be great for fall.
    I am glad to hear you decided to do your tank in the round. There will still be ends but it won’t be as bad. Yeah.

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