Mail Call!

A few weeks ago I broke down and finally ordered a few things from the knitty store. I must have had a half dozen things in my shopping cart at some point (including the Yarn Ho baby T – I mean, no self-respecting yarn girl should be without one of those, right?). But I put a few things back, including the T…telling myself that it’s too cold to wear it anyway, and there’s always next time.
Well, the items I did keep came in the mail the other day. And I promptly whipped them out. Here’s what I got:
Can you see it? No? Well here’s a closeup:
That’s right – a KNIT euro :) Yes, Scott, I can see you cringing from here. Well, it’s my Jeep and I can do what I want with it 😛
And here’s what I put up at the office:
Yup…the “i’d rather be knitting” bumper sticker. Right next to the froofy pineapple lamp and the hand lotion. Sometimes I’m surprised the guys around here let me even sit by them. But hey, I had to buy a Yankee Candle to battle the foot odor (*not* from me!) a few weeks back so I guess they can deal with my girl stuff.
Wondering about my sweater progress? Nothing to report. I needed a few days away from it this week. I hit that point where I just needed not to work on it. But I’m looking forward to getting back on it this weekend. My goal…to finish the back (uhm, guess that’s now the front!)
Have a wonderful Friday everyone – the weekend is a comin :)

8 thoughts on “Mail Call!

  1. *sigh* — That’s ok young grasshopper; many a neophyte Jeep owner has made the same transgression. I will forward you a surfing and a fly-fishing sticker. You do not need to attach these to your Jeep just yet. Simply pray penance to them and the great jeep maker shall forgive.
    Of course all will be immediately forgiven by simply forwarding a wonderful Jody-made scarf to Me! You know I really do love your stuff, it’s quite amazing.

  2. i have the yarn ho! t-shirt and LOVE it! I also have the i’d rather be knitting t-shirt and bumpersticker… which i didn’t know what to do with until now! i’m totally bringing it to work and putting it up on my cube! I bought the KNIT euro sticker as well and am waiting for my new car before sticking it.
    I’m sad that the chicks with sticks ornament is no longer available in the knitty store. I put it on my xmas list and no one got it for me. i went to buy it for myself and it’s gone. :(

  3. Hey, i’m not even slightly cringing! In fact, i’d put one on the back of our subaru if it wouldn’t make hub all embarrassed.
    i’m so glad to see you guys using all this stuff! and the yarn ho items won’t be going away any time soon, so i hope to see a shot of you wearing one someday. :-)

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