Friday Faves: Blankets

I’ve been enjoying looking at all the gorgeous blanket FOs.  The colors, the movement, the coziness – they’re all so tempting.  And who cares if I’ve only ever finished one blanket?  How many times do I have to tell you – logic be damned.

Here’s a sampling of some of my faves.

Blankets 1Domino Star Stashbuster – Great for leftovers.  The pattern is written for fingering weight, but it could easily be adjusted to sport or even DK.

Hue Shift Afghan – This one came on my radar a few weeks ago.  I even briefly considered making it out of the green sock weight yarns I bought for a blanket a few years ago.  I talked myself down from that brainstorm, but I keep looking at that pic.  And oh yeah, I did buy the pattern.

POP blanket – Noro and cream – great combo.  This one’s in aran weight, but like most blankets a variety of weights would work.  And who doesn’t love a good polka dot.

Blankets 2Color Block Blanket – The variety of textures will keep it interesting.  And the tactile feel will keep you obsessed after it’s done.

Four Corners Baby Blanket – Just four big squares to make an even bigger blanket.  Some of the FOs are in 2 or even 1 color and they all look fantastic.

Baby Shane Blanket – Another creative use of simple patterns. Four big squares done on an angle.
Blankets 3Barn Raising Quilt – Simple squares made from sock yarn.  Knit a couple each time you finish a pair of socks and insta-blankie (not really but it’s a great thought, right?).

Moderne Baby Blanket – Big chunks of solid garter stitch – this screams squishy, cuddly and cozy.

Double Vision – The clever part of this blanket is the combining of 2 yarns to create an entrancing gradation.  The FOs have been done in a variety of shades – from soft pastels to drab olives to rainbow.  They’re all gorgeous.

There you go – 9 of my favorites.  What about you?  What are your favorite blanket obsessions?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.


7 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Blankets

  1. Ooh beautiful blanket choices! Many of the ones you chose are also some of my favorites. I am such a slow blanket knitter/crocheter, but I want to make so many of them! I have Hue Shift in the works right now, but I would also love to start a POP blanket and Four Corners. Which one are you doing first? 😉

  2. I’ve had a sock yarn mitered square blanket ‘on the needles’ for a while, it’ll be fabulous if I ever finish it! Love the domino star, that’s amazing.

  3. I would love nothing better than a hand knit blanket, but I have found that I lack the stamina to finish one. Now, if I were to venture into knitting one again, I would have to say the Barn Raising Quilt would be the one for me.
    Beautiful selections of patterns, Jody.

  4. I love your faves too, Hue Shift is at the top of my lust list right now! I’ve made Moderne and Joseph’s Blankie from the first Mason Dixon book, and all the blanket patterns in it are winners. From their second book, Kiki Mariko (technically a rug) and Baby Dotty (who doesn’t love a good polka dot, indeed!) are gorgeous. As far as monochrome blankets go- Umaro by Brooklyn Tweed is a fave and a WIP for me.

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