Friday Faves: Norah Gaughan

Norah Gaughan Vol. 15 was released yesterday.  15!  Can you believe the first volume was released 7 years ago?  I remember how gaga we all were when that first volume came out.

Ah, memories <cue the dorky music>.

No surprise that I’m a big fan of Norah (like 98% of us knitters).  My familiarity with Norah’s designs are mostly within the past 10 years – here are some of my faves…

Fashionable Cables

norah gaughan cables

Norah’s great at designing cables the are wearable, fashionable and don’t scream “I made this because I wanted to knit it” but rather “I made this because I wanted to wear it

  • Halyard – Just published yesterday, this one went into my faves immediately
  • Sislana – Love the way the cables mirror the raglan decreases
  • Lempster – Can you believe this one’s free (from Knitty)? I think the yarn somewhat obscures the beauty of the cable so make sure you take a look at the finished projects too.
  • Forster – This one always makes me laugh because Norah swore she wouldn’t do top-down knitting.  And then she did.
  • Emerson – A showpiece cable up the front plus *that cowl*.  Can you imagine wearing that when it’s snowing?  And knit in a chunky yarn it should go quickly too.
  • Turbulence U-Neck – When I think about Knitting Nature this is the first thing that pops in my mind.  I remember walking around the Rhinebeck fairgrounds the year after the book came out and spotting many Turbulences.

Creative Stitch Patterns

norah gaughan texture and eyelet

Norah doesn’t end with just cables.  Here are a few texture and eyelet lovelies as well…

  • Sturgeon – A shawl/wrap with awesome texture and openwork
  • Nurmi – I must be on a mega-cowl kick because this one gets me too
  • Flower Child – Great neckline detail – the perfect balance of that showcase element contrasted with a simple bottom
  • Tilted Duster – I remember how crazy people went over this one when it hit the cover of Interweave Knits in Fall 2007.
  • Anais – This one has been a perennial on my “someday I will knit you”
  • Phyllo Yoked Pullover – Such a creative use of a stitch pattern that seamlessly flows into the garment shaping

Unusual Shapes

Not your typical boxy or hourglass shapes…

norah gaughan shapes

  • Sanpoku – I love the Asian inspiration here – and who doesn’t like an excuse for another shawl pin?
  • Cormorant – A cardi with an oversized, flouncy detail
  • Plover – Ok one more cowl here, but this one is not your run-of-the-mill variety
  • Violette-le-duc – When this one hit the streets in 2008 there was a ton of conversation about how this one can be worn upside down as well
  • Prospera – Inset circles and lace in a feminine pullover
  • Currer – This one looks as fun to knit as to wear.  The bottom half-circles give a unique shape to the bottom.

As I went through Norah’s designs there were several that I had forgotten.  She’s had a prolific career and damn – she’s talented.  Fun to knit and fun to wear.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…


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  1. Hi Jody,
    Wow – This is the nicest retrospective ever! I am blushing, but it makes me really happy you like so much of my work.

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