The Year of the Sock (Yarn)?

The My Sister’s Knitter Sock Yarn KAL kicked off yesterday.  It’s a great group – conversation, advice, laughter…and enablement.  Lots of enablement.

New KAL/CAL coming soon...

This next KAL is all about sock yarn – it doesn’t matter the project or the gauge – just that it uses sock yarn.

As Gigi says – it makes my heart sing.

I had so many ideas for what project I would cast on first – there are so many great options.

Finally, after lots of hemming and hawing I picked Collinear.  I’ve been obsessed with two color garter shawls and this is a newer shawl so I haven’t hit FO exhaustion yet.   Plus the placement of the colors made it easy to include orange – a color I love but doesn’t look good close to my face.

collinear shawl colors

The magenta is Neighborhood Fiber Company Rustic Fingering in Charles Village from the stash.  The orange is Tosh Merino Light in Citrus that I got in a Ravelry stash sale.

I CO yesterday and discovered what I thought might be a small error.  I emailed Paulina the designer and she replied back within a few minutes and confirmed it was an error.  Then she uploaded the new PDF to Ravelry right after that.  The whole thing took 10? minutes.  Very impressive customer service and I wouldn’t think twice about making another Paulina Popiolek design in the future.  And it just so happens I have two more of her designs in my library.

Lucky that it’s the year of the sock yarn, because I have no shortage of sock yarn WIPs – 14 active WIPs and several more that are hibernating.  I’ve worked on 5 of them in the past few weeks – not bad.   I keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race.  My mom mentions that whenever I tell her that I have too much to do.

Wise woman.

sock WIPs 1

sock WIPs 2

 I might have a thing for pink

All that sock yarn and only 3 pairs of sock WIPs.  I might need to fix that says the unwise woman.

But for now, let’s remind ourselves that I’m knitting (partially) with stash yarn.  And partially with pink.

If you’re like me and have an unending compulsion to browse, shop, buy, stash and knit sock yarn of any color, check our our Ravelry group.  Just be prepared to be enabled.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

10 thoughts on “The Year of the Sock (Yarn)?

  1. I always have the urge to buy sock yarn. However, an upcoming move has forced me to stop.

    I do love that pictures of all your WIPs. And of course you need to cast on for socks immediately. There is no such thing as too many socks, only too few needles.

    • totally agree – and i did buy another set a couple weeks back *just in case*

      hopefully your move comes soon because we can’t have you not being able to buy sock yarn.

  2. I’m destashing like crazy for the moment (either knit from stash only or donating yarn) so I don’t want (no no!) buy yarn. However the orange and pink blend you chose is so beautiful, that it almost made me forget my good resolutions! 😉

    • oh no i’m so sorry! i have the same reaction when browsing others’ project too. i suspect my stash would be MUCH smaller if i just kept the blinders on.

      smaller, but not nearly as much fun.

  3. Those colours are amazing – I love the pink and orange combo! It will be so bright, the perfect kind of happy summery knitting!

  4. I love those colors and the pattern sounds lovely. What an amazing designer for being so helpful so fast! Good luck, I cannot wait to see how yours (and everyone’s) projects go. I’m still deciding what I want to do.

    • paulina was AWESOME. i’ll definitely be making other designs of hers.

      good luck figuring out what you’ll CO. or go like me and just keep thinking of new things to CO!

  5. Oh no, does this mean the blender socks are hibernating? I love them so much, I am plotting my own pair.

    • yes, but truly just hibernating. i needed a break from the tangling yarns. i suspect i’ll pick them up in chunks until i get through them.

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