new house, new yarn and a new KAL

Well hello there!  It’s been a few weeks.  I have a good excuse though.

This is what our house looks like today…

backroom, steps and living room: drywall hung

 drywall dust.  everywhere.

kitchen and dining room: drywall hung

 those windows will be over the kitchen sink.  yes we have no kitchen right now.

living room: drywall hung

why yes that *is* a refridgerator in our living room

temporary door during construction

and here’s the temporary door the contractors installed so the girls can safely roam the second floor

We decided a few years ago to live in this house until we retired and so we’re making it exactly (ok, mostly) what we want.  It’s a 1920s Colonial so it’s a big job – we’re on the third dumpster.  It’ll be awesome when it’s done (in two more months) but for now we’re cooking on our patio and living on the second floor.

I just keep telling myself – October will be awesome.

That doesn’t mean there’s been no knitting, but it’s definitely lessened.

I’m happy to report some yarn acquisition has occurred

yarn inspired by the girls

And my inspiration

moda and orange sittin pretty

Moda on the left and Orange on the right.  We named her Nova when we adopted her but the names sounded too similar and they both just answered to both.  Orange suits her anyway.

I’m planning socks out of the tabby yarn and a hitchhiker out of the tuxedo yarn.

I’m starting with the socks and I organized a little KAL for them in the My Sister’s Knitter group on ravelry.

little pumpkin kalLate every fall I lament that I didn’t make Little Pumpkin socks so this time I decided some public peer pressure might do the trick.  I was happily surprised by the number of people who also had them on their to-knit list but never made them.  Maybe we’ll have lots of new Little Pumpkins this fall?

Are you in that group too?  C’mon and join us!  They’re knit top-down but I think I’m going to do mine toe-up.  We’ll see – I’m winding the yarn and casting on today.

If you want to join the KAL just join the group on rav and post to the thread.  Simple and it’s fun to see all the peer pressure progress pics.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.



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  1. I love seeing the girls so much!
    You poor things Jody. It is giving me a case of the shakes seeing all the bareness of the house. But yes, only a few short months. Please make sure to tell them I would like a skylight in my bedroom. :)

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