FO: Silvermist Bath Set

Silvermist Set

I swore off Christmas gift knitting years ago – and I went about my life just fine.

Merry even.

But then Rosemary Hill released the Silvermist Bath Set and I couldn’t resist – it’d be perfect for my mom.  It had to be knit.

I knitted on it a bit for a few nights and had this lovely washcloth.

silvermist washcloth pre-wash

And then a few more days and I had this cute little soap sack.

Silvermist Soap Sack

I think it was more work to find a soap I liked.  I went to five stores before I found something that would work – right size, nice smell, no additives.  Mom deserves the good stuff.  This one is Lemon Verbena.

I washed and dried the washcloth in hot water in case mom actually uses it.  Then I used a steamer to get rid of the rippley egg crates.  Knowing mom it will stay out on the vanity and never get a moment of actual use.  She wouldn’t want to  hurt it after all.

Love that woman.

Either way, I hope it makes her feel loved and cared for every time she looks at it.

Merry Christmas mom.

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