FO: Shaw Hill

I’m slipping in a couple of FOs just in time for the new year.

shaw hill done front fullToday’s is Shaw Hill by Alicia Plummer.  Lotsa love for this little FO.


Shaw Hill by Alicia Plummer

Swans Island Bulky in Beetroot

US #11s.  The pattern called for 13s but I went with 11s because 1) I don’t own 13s and 2) the thought of 13s made me cry a little.

Other than the needle size, the only mod I made was to add a decrease round in the ribbing area to pull it a bit closer to my shoulders.  I think the decreases were a good idea but I’d do a center double decrease next time – I’m not a huge fan of the way they look.

I wear this capelet a lot more than I ever expected!  It’s perfect to throw over anything to take the chill off but isn’t fiddly like a shawl or scarf can be.  All the good of a cowl but super-sized for my shoulders too.

shaw hill done side

The only thing I’d do differently with my next capelet – and there will be another capelet – is to make the bottom circumference a bit bigger to make it easier for me to put my arms up, and then decrease even more at my shoulder so it stays up.  This isn’t a fault of the pattern – it’s just the way I’d like my capelets to fit.

Still though, this is a very successful FO – and one that really seems to intrigue the non-knitters too.  Both Paul and my mom LOVE it.  Possibly more than I do.

Ok not more than I do – but a whole lot.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a slew of capelet designs to pour over on Ravelry.  Cue the capelet obsession now.

I’ll catch you on the purlside.

24 thoughts on “FO: Shaw Hill

  1. Love it! The color, those big squooshy cables! And, dahling, you look mahvelous!

    I was surprised, too, at how often I wore my favorite capelet — shadow[]box by alison brookbanks. It’s a terrible photo I have on Rav and should take a more current shot of how I do actually wear it — flipped/folded and held with a shawl pin. It’s lovely enough to have inspired a friend/lapsed knitter to pick up the needles again!

  2. Looks great!! You know, I’ve never thought of a capelet — but maybe. I’m short – 5’1 – and think that it may not be the best look for me, but I’m going to research.

    • i’m only 5’2″. i think the trick is to make it short enough to end at a good point for your shape. if you’re not sure where that is, drape some fabric (or a pillow case/curtain/table cloth) until it looks right.

  3. That caplet looks lovely on you. And I’m happy to see a FO with Beetroot. It’s a wonderful color. I’ve eyed that color at my LYS, but haven’t found a project that would fit into my wardrobe just yet.

    • i took a chance with this one but it’s been surprisingly versatile for my wardrobe. i wear lots of pinks/reds/purples as well as blacks so it works for me.

  4. Lovely capelet! One of the nicest I’ve seen! Happy 2014! I’ve also joined Andi’s KAL to knit a cardi this year! I hope I make it :)

    • thanks! this capelet has me looking at others too.

      i’ve been considering joining the cardi KAL but i think i really want pullovers right now.

      happy new year!

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