Yarn Collecting – My Hobby

My Yarn Shopping Excursion was a huge success. We went to five stores in Philly and and Princeton area. I bought alot of yarn and was able to return the yarn for the failed Dori attempt.
The weather was gorgeous and we drove around most of the day with the top down on the jeep. Ate lunch outside in Princeton.
I only had one bad store experience – at Sophie’s. I’ve never had a bad experience there but the girl was utterly rude. I was hitting all the stores to gather the yarn for Maude. There’s so many colors in it that it took 3 stores before I got it all. When I asked her about the 1 last color I needed she scolded me and told me that I really should buy all the yarn at once because you never know when they might run out and dye lots really do make a difference. Bitch. I bought the one last ball of Mission Falls that I needed and left. Will I go back? Probably. I think it was a freak thing but I certainly was in no mood to give them any more of my money yesterday.
OK, onto happier thoughts. Here’s what I got:

Maude Yarn
for the Maude tank from Mission Falls

Vera Yarn
Mission Falls Vera tank.
the colors are actually a dull red and orange. honest

wanna smooch?
navy cotton classic for smooch

bottoms up!
2 shades of red for a bottom’s up bucket hat

for this top from Jaeger JM06

i’m not sure yet. maybe chamomile from rowan summer tweed?

this came in the mail for my linen drape along.
i think i’m going to design a pattern for it.
sketches in the next few days

What am I going to start with? Probably the Maude tank or the Linen Drape. I want something different from Tricot so either the small Linen Drape gauge or the color variety of Maude should do the trick.

4 thoughts on “Yarn Collecting – My Hobby

  1. Wow! What a great trip! I can’t believe you need all of that Mission Falls for one tank. You will have tons of leftovers–I bet you could make two. Provence is lovely yarn. And you know how I feel about Cotton Classic. Paul is a doll for putting up with such a yarn excursion!!

  2. Wow! That’s so much yarn!
    Weird about Sophie’s. I go there fairly often and while they are never super friendly, they have never been rude.

  3. Heh – I’m sure you were SO concerned with dye lot variation when you’ve got a striped tank! I’ll laugh even harder if she was implying that all the various colors needed to be the same dye lot…:-)
    Ignorance is bliss only to the ignorant…to everyone else, it’s annoying, LOL…

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