Making a little Color Inspiration

I’ve been anxious to get Color Affection off my needles.  Completing one Rhinebeck project before September will feel so good but my inspiration has been waning.  I’ve hit that part of the project where I just want to cast on something new.  It doesn’t help that all the new Fall mags have been coming out.  Have you seen the new Twist yet?  Susanna IC, Amy Herzog, Rachel Coopey and a ton others.

But I digress.  I’m writing about inspiration for what I have on the needles now.

Color Affection Pink and Purple

First up, 3 beauties in my favorite pinks and purples.

  • Muzsi’s combines a saturated purple with a green and aqua.  Striking combo!
  • Indigo Dragonfly combines a pink and a purple with an orange contrast.
  • Edler007 combines pink and orange with brown for a sophisticated take on bubblegum pink.

And then for 3 color combos you don’t normally see on this blog (but that I really really like)

Color Affection Orange and Green

  • Ignorant Bliss’ brown, orange and red goes so well with the grey T she paired it with.  BTW if you don’t watch her, you should.  She makes some gorgeous projects and her photography is so beautiful.
  • Christelli’s lime, blue and grey talks to my new obsession of lime.  I think I’ll very likely be picked up some lime at Rhinebeck…
  • Neulisti NMK’s CA has blue, green and there’s that lime again.  Looking at these two projects I think I may need to combine some aqua with my lime purchase

Paging through Rav definitely made me more excited about my own CA.  It’s going to feel so good to walk around the fairgrounds wrapped in those colors.  And of course, walking around the office or around the city too.  I do think this shawl is going to be versatile and well-used.  I can see why it’s almost up to 10,000 projects now too.

I’ll admit though – none of this has cured me from the desire to cast on something new.  In fact, I have a freshly-wound yarn cake sitting next to the keyboard as I type this now.  I need the fix of something new.

I’ll use this post next week to motivate me to work on CA.  Promise.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

6 thoughts on “Making a little Color Inspiration

  1. Brilliant idea to post about other’s CAs in order to help motivate you to finish yours.
    My favorite is Elder007’s, maybe because of the pink, but mostly because it’s lovely.

  2. Same here! But i have to finish the biggest project on my needles first! It’s a gift so I don’t want to digress… But I’m going yarn shopping this week with a friend, it’s going to be even harder! I love blues and greens. Lime and turquoise would be stunning! 😉

  3. And now I want lime-colored yarn. Oh dear…

    I do hope you are able to finish up your shawl. I find that assigning myself a “knit quota” that I have to reach before knitting something else can help.

  4. Despite the deception caused by my own CA, I want to give it another chance and knit a second one. It was really a fun knit, and I can’t wait to see yours finished!

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