FO: Wingspan

Wingspan - hanging
I enjoyed knitting the pattern and I love the FO. The movement of the stripes combined with the color changes of the yarn are a great match. The yarn however. The yarn was…not fun to knit. I didn’t like its loosely spun texture. I’m glad I motored through though because I love the end result. The scarf is so lightweight but I expect it to still be quite warm.
Wingspan - flat
Pattern: Wingspan
Yarn: Lang Jawoll Magic Degrade
Mods: I wanted to use the whole ball of yarn and weighed each wedge to track usage. I knew that final wedge would be veeeery close. I got through to the final wedge but ran out of yarn mid-way right before the BO. I had some sockweight yarn in deep purple that I finished with. I can’t tell the difference. Phew. Yay for using up the whole ball!
Wingspan - a tale of two gauges
I did have an issue with gauge that I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t weighing progress. I significantly loosened my gauge on the third wedge. I tightened my gauge on the fifth wedge and I like that gauge much better for this yarn. It’s so neat and tidy. You can see the gauge differences above, but they’re not enough to bother me. Especially since I intend to wear this wrapped around my neck and under my jacket.
The verdict: love the pattern, love the FO, but not the yarn.

8 thoughts on “FO: Wingspan

  1. This is the second FO of this pattern I have seen recently…love it. Great color choices and nice save with the substitute yarn at the end….can’t tell at all :)

  2. I love the FO, too! Sorry about the yarn. Sometimes you find that perfect looking ball, and then once you start knitting you realize how much it does not fit!

  3. we knit a sample Wingspan for our shop in the same yarn, but a different colorway. if it makes you feel an better, our sample knitter expressed the same feelings as you did about the yarn, but she also agreed that the color was sort of worth it :)

  4. I am really close to finishing my wingspan also:
    I think it’s funny you say you hate the yarn you used, because I also do not like the yarn I used, but LOVE the pattern and how it’s looking. This project has a way of making crappy yarn look good. Sorry about the gauge issues, but I know it will still be a dream to wear!

  5. It’s so pretty! I love the way it falls, and the color changes look great with the pattern. I’ve used this yarn too, and I understand what you’re talking about with it.

  6. I am glad you hung in there because that is really a beautiful knit! Good to know about the yarn because I have a ball and was thinking about a shawl, but sounds like I just need to make socks with it. :)

  7. I can’t believe this. Jody, just this week a Ravelry pm’d me asking if I’d sell/trade my Zauberball #2082 [reds>purples] because she ran out knitting her – – Wingspan.
    Put it in USPS on Monday and she had it Wednesday.
    This is getting spookie.
    Love your blog, btw

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